sexta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2011

Teddy bear

Well, I'm here.
Just on my bed.
Looking to the window.
At nothing.

I'm here.
Waiting for you.
For the moment that you're gonna enter the room and make me happy.

Like a teddy bear,
I'm just here. With the same face I use every single day.
Wondering, if I'm the first or the last in your friends list.
Or even if I'm at it!
And I stay here.
I spend my day doing nothing!
With the pleasure of waiting.

I'm here.
I already know it.
But I don't think you do.

How can I stand it?
I don't know.
Maybe hope is the answer!

I'd like to know
what would happen
if it becomes hopeless.

But while the hope still survives
I still get hurt.
Me, your teddy bear.
Who you were supposed to care!

You can say I forgot that teddy bear is not real.
But you forgot that I am.
And you couldn't do it.

Maybe, I'm wrong.
Because, above all, I prefer being your teddy bear.
Wait for you at night.
Look to the window. At nothing.
Spend days doing nothing.
And use the same face every day!

But I implore,
like your teddy bear
give me a hug.
It's everything I need!

3 comentários:

Carla Gabriele Nunes disse...

aaai que fofo. como alguem não enxerga essa fofura, teddy bear?
I would like to give you a friendly hug but I know it's not enough for you.
...I'm sure one day that person will realize how special you are!

b. disse...

é impressionante como nós, teddy bear, continuamos esperando, no matter what x.x' e o que nos conforta é acreditar que o tão esperado abraço vai chegar... :~

Érica disse...

vc q escreve esses trem? ficou muito legal!! até em ingles hein! hehe
parabéns de novo ota!! :D