segunda-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2017

Who can judge her?

Because she decided to live her life. Without feeling down, depressed, ill. Perhaps the thought of having someone around her bed of hospital, doing everything to please her, or everything that she needs, never passed through her mind.  We don’t even know if she likes this scene.

She can’t stand up and walk alone till the end of the runway. Can you blame her? What would you have done, on her place. We don’t know what exactly he (the doctor) said, neither what exactly she heard. Will you still judge her?

It must be painful enough to see that pity look from people to her, all the time. To have people trying to please her on her last minutes – we don’t even know when it will be.

Perhaps she decided not to live those last minutes in a bed, on her house, trying not to throw up because of the medicines. Perhaps she decided to walk till the end of the runway all by herself. And she did. We don’t know if the medicines would allow her to do it, and wouldn’t lead her to the same bed of hospital, with the same people trying to please her, and the same pity look on her way.

It is sad to see her there, trying to find a piece of air, to put it into her, without feeling tired because of it. It’s sad the look on her face. But she doesn’t regret. Because she lived her last days the way she chose.

And my question remains:

Who can judge her?

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